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Aluminium Frame Cosmetic Restoration

Is Aluminium Frame Cosmetic Restoration Right For You?

​​Our crystal clear polymer resin protective coating restores, rejuvenates and protects hard surfaces against moisture, corrosion, fade, rust, and damage which are caused by environmental conditions.

The coating is of high quality with the following features:

  • Flexibility to expand and contract as your aluminium frames do so. This means, it will not crack, chip or peel.  

  • It is UV Stable, meaning it will not discolour or yellow with exposure or heat or sunshine.

  • It protects colour from fading under the coating.

  • Sun and salt spray can fade and so can chalk paints and  powder coated metals. The joinery and metal parts can appear dull, flat looking and oxidized. But, with this coating, metal features can be restored to look like new again.  ​

  • Original colour and luster can be brought back

  • A strong 'sunscreen' like protection is given to paint. 

To see how your aluminium frames will look after restoration; clean an area and observe it when it is clean and wet.
If the colour and luster come back when the surface is clean and wet, then that is how the surface will look when renovated.

Below are some pictures of jobs - showing you the difference we can truly make to your home.

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