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Gutter Cleaning

Are Your Gutters Overflowing?

​​Gutters which are clean and free of leaves should flow freely with rain water. However, if they are blocked by leaves they can overflow and cause water to seep into the roof of the house causing very expensive damage. 

Neil Brown understands that it can be hard to ensure your gutters are leaf free all the time. However, we do know some clear signs that may indicate your gutters need cleaning. Check and see if any of the following are happening to you: 

  • Trees overhang onto the roof or are very close to the guttering of the house

  • Water overflowing gutters when there is heavy rain

  • Stains where dirt has washed down the outside of the gutter: caused from overflows

  • In extreme cases; damp patches on the ceiling or on top of walls inside the house

Depending on the trees, nearby gutters should be inspected and cleaned at least once per year and possibly twice per year. The team here at Neil's Window Cleaning can help you manage this and advise how regularly they think you may require a gutter cleaning service. 

Our Service includes:

  • Cleaning debris from the gutters

  • Checking down pipes and clear where necessary/possible

  • Checking that water freely runs towards down pipes in the gutters 

Checking and cleaning gutters can be dangerous and difficult as they are extremely high up. Don't risk your safety! If you are ever unsure and require assistance, give the team a call or send us an email and we will advise you what we think is the best solution.