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Window Cleaning

Do You Need Your Windows Cleaned?

We offer you the chance to enjoy a crystal clear view, whether it be of your garden or beyond your gate.

More often than not - people do not realize how dirty their windows actually are until they are sparkling clean.

Clean, sparkling windows ensure that more light flows into your home and allows for you to enjoy the environment without being part of it.

We usually clean inside and outside (after all you would clean both shoes!) but are happy to clean outside only on request. We understand that window cleaning is vital for property maintenance and helps extend the life of frames, fly-screens and the glass itself by removing the  built up stains caused by mould, sea spray, dust or minerals from tap water. 

You can book a one off clean (for a special occasion) or a regular clean. We are flexible and can adapt to your specific requirements.

Call or email us to find out how we can help you enjoy your view!