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House Washing

Why Bother Washing Your House?

​You probably wash your car to preserve it’s appearance?

The same principle applies to your house. Leaving dirt and grime on the paint makes the paint look old before it’s time and can damage the painted surface requiring repainting early - which is otherwise not necessary! 

In addition, allowing dirt to sit can increase the likelihood of mould on the paint which is not only unattractive but also adversely affects the paint finish and longevity. Let's not forget that it can also be very bad for your health!

What About Water Blasting?

W​e are often asked by customers whether they can use a water blaster to clean their house.

The short answer is yes BUT the long answer is that high pressure should not be applied to a building because it may cause damage the paint work, can break windows, and will almost certainly force water into places it should not be (and would not get to under it’s own power).

If you leave water sitting on windows, sooner or later you will most likely have unsightly water staining.